#1 Bootstrapping the Organization Identity Management

#1 Bootstrapping the Organization Identity Management

Imagine, you joined an organization and everyone is sharing password for one single Firebase or Azure account, yuck😬.

So, what we do first is bootstrapping. We chose Microsoft environment as our first entry. We signed up for a personal Microsoft account (of course with Outlook web). And then, we create a Tenant inside Microsoft Entra ID.

It could take a while to create a Tenant after you created the Microsoft account. Also, prepare your debit/credit card, because Azure needs some verification.

After that, we have an empty Microsoft Entra ID Tenant which is basically Microsoft 365 Tenant without license assigned. And then, we started configuring up things like custom domain, buying license, setup email, etc.

Now, we can start creating accounts for every member including me. No more password sharing, less attack surface.

I promise there will be more thorough steps and illustration.